Death In Space

 It was his first day on the job…

Tyler ready to land on the planet snobby shores he had everything thing he needed to search the dark caves. Everyone one on planet earth told him there were aliens in the caves but he didn’t believe them but he said if there was I would kill them. Tyler got his ultrasonic laser gun locked and loaded and he was ready for lift off. WOOSH the tinny space shuttling lifted off into to space. Tyler was really excited to explore this planet but once he saw the planet he knew he was screwed. Months past  Tyler has landed on snobby shores and he has made his shelter and had everything he needed, but today was the day he searching his last few caves. After for being on this planet for months, he knew there were no aliens on this planet so he wasn’t scared of anything, not even the caves. Tyler was ready to go back to the caves he had his ultrasonic laser gun and he knew it was going to be easy, but then he heard a big ROAR in the cave his mind exploded in fear not moving at all, but then the alien came out of the cave he BANG he shot the alien in the head and it died. Tyler thought now he can kill the aliens so he’s not as scared as he just was so he kept searching. The last cave to search he was ready if an alien came at him. Tyler slowly walked into the cave hoping there are no aliens in it. THUMP a Huge alien came out of the dark roaring and Tyler shot it in the head and though he could kill it, but that didn’t happen so Tyler thought he was going to die and he did not want to be killed by an alien so he shot him in the head and no one ever saw Tyler again. The End

by: Connor Banyard

Where I Live

 a view from Neulamäki hill January 2018Creative Commons License Visit Lakeland via Compfight 

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my Blog. today I will be talking about the beautiful place called the Comox Valley. I am going to be talking about three amazing places in the Comox Valley.

  1.  The Northeast Woods

The northeast woods is a great place to go mountain biking. there are huge jumps you can hit and there are some downhill trails you can go down to. If you goe to the northeast woods when its around 7am and 8am and when you enter the forest there a beautiful sunrise, there are lights shining through the tree and it’s really amazing. There are really amazing trails in the northeast woods, but it’s not just for biking there are walking trails in there too. I think its a pretty big forest there’s lots of trails to go in the Northeastast woods and  I think its amazing and it’s really good to go mountain biking.

2.  The Comox Lake

We have an amazing lake here, The water is the perfect temperature. It’s always great to go there on a warm sunny day. Theirs a bridge at the Comox lake dam that you can jump off it and it is SO much fun like I could stay there for hours like I usually go with friends and I think that really fun. If you go past the bridge there is a another spot past the bridge but its a lot smaller its like a big rock and its fun to jump because its small and you can do tricks at the rock, also theirs no one there.

3.  Mount Washington

Mount Washington is Comox Valley’s Ski and Snowboard Mountain. Their are lots of hills to snowboard and ski down. My favorite hill is probably the whiskey jack which has the terrain park and there is lots of jumps in the train park. We have good rails and huge jumps and they’re fun to hit. We have a bunny hill that has no jumps its just goes straight down and I like to go down it sometimes just to shred the powder. The tallest mountain is called the Eagle, I don’t like going on it because I don’t know my way down because I never go on it. If you just started hitting jumps and rails you should check out the Beginner terrain park.

And that’s all for my post for today thank you for reading my blog.

Have a wonderful day!

Harris Burdick Mysteries: Under the Rug

Hi, reader. We have been working on writing in class and this is a paragraph I have been working on.

Harris Burdick 

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Two weeks passed and it happened again. Something was under the rug and when I tried to hit it with my wooden chair there was nothing there. After I calmed myself down a little, I went back and sat down hoping it wouldn’t happen again.

Weeks went on again, it was about 1:34 am I was sleeping peacefully, until I heard a big SLAM! I rushed out of bed as FAST as I could and ran to the kitchen. There was nothing except all the broken glass all over the ground and something under the rug. I froze for a couple of seconds and then I ran for my life hoping it would not come after me.

A few minutes later the neighbors woke up because they heard Bobby screaming next door HELP HELP HELP! The neighbors, who were helpful, called the police. 10 minutes went by and the neighbors didn’t hear anymore screaming but after a couple of minutes they heard the police.

The police arrived and broke open  the front door of Bobby’s house and they walked quietly to Bobby’s kitchen. The police called for Bobby but there was no answer until 1 of the police officers stumbled on something. When they checked what it was, it was Bobby dead on the ground. 



Pittsburgh Penguins Win the Stanley Cup

Hello readers

This post is about the Pittsburgh  Penguins making it to the Stanley Cup. In 2016-2017 the Pittsburgh Penguins made it to the playoffs and the first team they played against was the Washington Capitals. They beat them in Game 7 with a 4,5 game, It was a very intense game.

The next team they played against was a lot harder team, they had a really good goalie. The team was called Ottowa centuries  They also went to Game 7 and it was really Intense because it went into overtime and who ever scored first would win the game. If Pittsburgh won that game they would go to the Stanley cup. that game went into second overtime and if you want to see what happened, watch the video that’s at the top of this blog.

Have a great day.

Sincerely, Connor

Matt the Amazing Goalie


Hello Readers.

Connor McDavid is going to shoot” he winds up the puck he shoots and Matt Murray glove  saves it! Matt Murray saved his team.

Who’s the best goalie in the NHL? His name is Matt Murray and he is the goalie for the NHL team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. He has won the stanley cap 2 times in a row in 2016 and 2017. He is my favorite NHL goalie. His number is 30. Have you ever heard Matt Murray?  Now that I told you about my person I will tell you about his successful learner traits.

The successful learner traits I used for my person are risk taking, confidence and collaboration.

The first learner traits he uses is risk taking. Matt Murray is a risk taker by how he’s not scared to be hit by a puck and he can glove save really hard slap shots. He’s also a risk taker because he has to  think if he should glove save it or go down into his butter fly. Matt Murray also never gives up if the other team scores a lot of points and his team doesn’t score any points. Whenever the puck comes down the ice, Matt will go behind the net and get the puck while the other team is skating down the ice and Matt has to pass it to a player but also when the other team is trying to get it from Matt.

The second learner trait he uses is Confidence. Matt Murray is confident because he says to himself I will glove save it and he is confident that he will do that. Matt Murray is also confident by how he knows if the puck is going to go top corner or the puck stays on the ice. Matt sometimes has to make a choice because sometimes in hockey the puck comes down the ice and Matt has the choice to hold the puck in his glove and let the whistle blow or he could hold the puck in his glove for a couple of seconds till one of the players on his team comes and gets it.

The third leaner trait is collaboration. Matt Murray talks to his team and supports his team. He is also is very nice to the other team and sort of tells them good job. Matt Murray talks to his team about what maybe they should work on and he is very nice to his team. Matt can also help his team because sometimes the puck comes flying down the ice and he can get the puck and pass it to his team so they could maybe go on a brake away.   Matt helps his team by yelling to his players and telling them if the other team’s player is behind them when the puck is in their zone.

Matt Murray influences me because when I watch him play he sort of teaches me some new tricks for when I play. I think Matt influences other people because when he plays a game and he gets scored on a lot, he never gives up and always tries his hardest. Matt Murray really inspired me to be a goalie and I think it’s a good sport. He also Inspired me that if I want to go to the NHL I should try and never give up on my dreams.|

What would you rather do play goalie or player?

About Me

Hello readers,

My name is Connor. I am 11 years old. I’m from British Columbia, Canada. I have two brothers and two dogs. I have one older brother and one younger one. My dogs names are Max, Bentley.

My favorite things to do is make YouTube videos. The reason I like making YouTube videos is because I like to make really cool edits and I like that people watch my videos.

My favorite place to go is Maui. I go there every year with my family. I enjoy it a lot.
In the fall, my hockey starts. I am a goalie in hockey and I enjoy it a lot. My hockey goes until April.  In the winter I like to go snowboarding at Mount Washington and make igloos with my brothers.

My favorite TV show is Brooklyn Nine Nine and my favorite YouTuber is Casey Neistat.
My favorite subjects in school are blogging, math, and technology. I am in grade 7. My teacher is Ms. Smith and she is awesome and super nice.

The other things I like to do is scootering, skateboarding, and mountain biking. I usually go mountain biking with my friends and we like to hit big jumps. There’s a jump that is called the Death Gap. It’s not that big of a jump though. About last year the jump used to be way bigger so I think that’s why they called it that.

I really like rap music and country music  My favorite songs are called Crash and Burn, and I Get the Bag. 

At my house we have a huge trampoline in our back yard and my favorite trick is a backflip 360, front flip.

One of my favorite outdoors things is to go cliff jumping. In Vancouver there is a huge cliff and me and my brothers jumped off it.
What do you like to do for fun?

Have a great day,
Sincerely, Connor