About Me

Hello readers,

My name is Connor. I am 11 years old. I’m from British Columbia, Canada. I have two brothers and two dogs. I have one older brother and one younger one. My dogs names are Max, Bentley.

My favorite things to do is make YouTube videos. The reason I like making YouTube videos is because I like to make really cool edits and I like that people watch my videos.

My favorite place to go is Maui. I go there every year with my family. I enjoy it a lot.
In the fall, my hockey starts. I am a goalie in hockey and I enjoy it a lot. My hockey goes until April.  In the winter I like to go snowboarding at Mount Washington and make igloos with my brothers.

My favorite TV show is Brooklyn Nine Nine and my favorite YouTuber is Casey Neistat.
My favorite subjects in school are blogging, math, and technology. I am in grade 7. My teacher is Ms. Smith and she is awesome and super nice.

The other things I like to do is scootering, skateboarding, and mountain biking. I usually go mountain biking with my friends and we like to hit big jumps. There’s a jump that is called the Death Gap. It’s not that big of a jump though. About last year the jump used to be way bigger so I think that’s why they called it that.

I really like rap music and country music  My favorite songs are called Crash and Burn, and I Get the Bag. 

At my house we have a huge trampoline in our back yard and my favorite trick is a backflip 360, front flip.

One of my favorite outdoors things is to go cliff jumping. In Vancouver there is a huge cliff and me and my brothers jumped off it.
What do you like to do for fun?

Have a great day,
Sincerely, Connor