Death In Space

 It was his first day on the job…

Tyler ready to land on the planet snobby shores he had everything thing he needed to search the dark caves. Everyone one on planet earth told him there were aliens in the caves but he didn’t believe them but he said if there was I would kill them. Tyler got his ultrasonic laser gun locked and loaded and he was ready for lift off. WOOSH the tinny space shuttling lifted off into to space. Tyler was really excited to explore this planet but once he saw the planet he knew he was screwed. Months past  Tyler has landed on snobby shores and he has made his shelter and had everything he needed, but today was the day he searching his last few caves. After for being on this planet for months, he knew there were no aliens on this planet so he wasn’t scared of anything, not even the caves. Tyler was ready to go back to the caves he had his ultrasonic laser gun and he knew it was going to be easy, but then he heard a big ROAR in the cave his mind exploded in fear not moving at all, but then the alien came out of the cave he BANG he shot the alien in the head and it died. Tyler thought now he can kill the aliens so he’s not as scared as he just was so he kept searching. The last cave to search he was ready if an alien came at him. Tyler slowly walked into the cave hoping there are no aliens in it. THUMP a Huge alien came out of the dark roaring and Tyler shot it in the head and though he could kill it, but that didn’t happen so Tyler thought he was going to die and he did not want to be killed by an alien so he shot him in the head and no one ever saw Tyler again. The End

by: Connor Banyard