Harris Burdick Mysteries: Under the Rug

Hi, reader. We have been working on writing in class and this is a paragraph I have been working on.

Harris Burdick 

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Two weeks passed and it happened again. Something was under the rug and when I tried to hit it with my wooden chair there was nothing there. After I calmed myself down a little, I went back and sat down hoping it wouldn’t happen again.

Weeks went on again, it was about 1:34 am I was sleeping peacefully, until I heard a big SLAM! I rushed out of bed as FAST as I could and ran to the kitchen. There was nothing except all the broken glass all over the ground and something under the rug. I froze for a couple of seconds and then I ran for my life hoping it would not come after me.

A few minutes later the neighbors woke up because they heard Bobby screaming next door HELP HELP HELP! The neighbors, who were helpful, called the police. 10 minutes went by and the neighbors didn’t hear anymore screaming but after a couple of minutes they heard the police.

The police arrived and broke open  the front door of Bobby’s house and they walked quietly to Bobby’s kitchen. The police called for Bobby but there was no answer until 1 of the police officers stumbled on something. When they checked what it was, it was Bobby dead on the ground.