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Connor McDavid is going to shoot” he winds up the puck he shoots and Matt Murray glove  saves it! Matt Murray saved his team.

Who’s the best goalie in the NHL? His name is Matt Murray and he is the goalie for the NHL team, the Pittsburgh Penguins. He has won the stanley cap 2 times in a row in 2016 and 2017. He is my favorite NHL goalie. His number is 30. Have you ever heard Matt Murray?  Now that I told you about my person I will tell you about his successful learner traits.

The successful learner traits I used for my person are risk taking, confidence and collaboration.

The first learner traits he uses is risk taking. Matt Murray is a risk taker by how he’s not scared to be hit by a puck and he can glove save really hard slap shots. He’s also a risk taker because he has to  think if he should glove save it or go down into his butter fly. Matt Murray also never gives up if the other team scores a lot of points and his team doesn’t score any points. Whenever the puck comes down the ice, Matt will go behind the net and get the puck while the other team is skating down the ice and Matt has to pass it to a player but also when the other team is trying to get it from Matt.

The second learner trait he uses is Confidence. Matt Murray is confident because he says to himself I will glove save it and he is confident that he will do that. Matt Murray is also confident by how he knows if the puck is going to go top corner or the puck stays on the ice. Matt sometimes has to make a choice because sometimes in hockey the puck comes down the ice and Matt has the choice to hold the puck in his glove and let the whistle blow or he could hold the puck in his glove for a couple of seconds till one of the players on his team comes and gets it.

The third leaner trait is collaboration. Matt Murray talks to his team and supports his team. He is also is very nice to the other team and sort of tells them good job. Matt Murray talks to his team about what maybe they should work on and he is very nice to his team. Matt can also help his team because sometimes the puck comes flying down the ice and he can get the puck and pass it to his team so they could maybe go on a brake away.   Matt helps his team by yelling to his players and telling them if the other team’s player is behind them when the puck is in their zone.

Matt Murray influences me because when I watch him play he sort of teaches me some new tricks for when I play. I think Matt influences other people because when he plays a game and he gets scored on a lot, he never gives up and always tries his hardest. Matt Murray really inspired me to be a goalie and I think it’s a good sport. He also Inspired me that if I want to go to the NHL I should try and never give up on my dreams.|

What would you rather do play goalie or player?

12 thoughts on “Matt the Amazing Goalie

  1. Hi Connor
    It is Nate I like your post and if I was doing Matt Murray I would have done the same learner traits .
    and i would want to be a player and the the team would be Pittsburgh penguins or Toronto maple leafs.
    I liked how you asked if they want to be a player or a goalie but for next time ask that and the team they would want to play for.
    and the video went well with the story
    form Nate.

    • Hi Nate
      I think that’s a great idea to ask what there. Would you rather play goalie or a player?
      Have a great day.
      Sincerely, Connor

  2. Hello Connor,
    My name is Xavier. I really liked your blog. I thought it was interesting because I do not play Hockey but I sometimes follow NHL teams once and a while. I would probably like to play as a regular player and not as a goalie because all attention is on you when you go up to block a puck. If you had one chance to play for any NHL team who would you play for?

    Sincerely, Xavier

  3. Hey Connor,

    My name is Damon. I enjoyed your blog. But I got to disagree I believe that Carey Price is the best goalie. In ice hockey im a goalie im number 17…

    • Hello Damon!
      I will agree carry price is a really good goalie. I’m a goalie too. I am number 30 and my team name is the tigers. are you on rep or house?

  4. Hi Connor!

    My name is Natsha. I’m a huge Flyers fan, but have to give it to you on this one. Matt Murray is a fantastic goalie. I like all the traits you said he has and feel like they are all necessary to be so successful as an NHL goalie. Your writing did a great job explaining why you feel he is the best goalie and getting your message across, even to a fan of a rival team! To answer your question at the end of your post, I would rather be a player. I think it would be more fun to skate around and be in the middle of the action.

    • Hi Natasha!
      I’m not a huge flyers fan but they’re a good team. You said if you pick goalie or player you picked player what position would you play.
      have a great day.

  5. Hey Connor!

    My name is Lucas Wick. I go to Stockton University in Galloway Township, NJ. I was given an assignment to read and reply to one of your class’ blog post and I am glad I stumbled across your blog first! I am a die-hard Flyers fan so the Penguins are not on my favorite team list haha. Although the two teams are rivals, I do admit and acknowledge how great a goaltender Matt Murray is. I remember watching that save Matt made on Connor on ESPN. It’s one of the best saves I have ever seen.

    I really like the three successful learner traits you chose to describe Murray. To be a goaltender you definitely need to be a risk-taker. You provide perfect examples of how Murray is a risk-taker, especially when you talk about going behind the net to get the puck. Confidence is your second successful learner trait you wrote about. Confidence is important for anything you do in your life. Without confidence, it would be rather difficult to be successful. There is no doubt that Matt Murray has confidence. I see it every time I watch him play. I am really glad you chose it as one of the successful learner traits because it fits excellently. The last trait you chose was collaboration. At first I was not sure how you can tie the trait to Matt Murray and his success, but I was very impressed with your thought process after I read the paragraph. You mention communication as an example and you could not have been more correct. Communication between goalie and his defenders are one of the major keys to be a successful team. Overall I must say that I am extremely impressed with your blog post. You display exceptional writing skills and have a great thought process!

    I played hockey when I was younger but it was not on ice because my family could not afford it. I played street hockey for 7 years and I played both RW and goalie. I definitely enjoyed the thrill of scoring a goal, however I enjoyed being in between the pipes more. Being a goalie was a lot of fun for me and I am sure you have a lot of fun playing it too. Matt Murray is a great person to look up to and learn from. I encourage you to always be positive and learn as much as you can so you can become the next great goaltender in the NHL. Hopefully you will choose to play for Flyers haha!

    That is a link to an article that talks about a 11-year-old’s NHL dreams. It goes into detail on a typical day for him. I hope you can find time to read this. You most likely have a lot of things in common and you may be able to learn something too.

    Wish you all the best!
    – Lucas Wick

    • Hi Lucas Wick
      Thank you for commenting on my blog and taking your time to make a great comment.I think the flyers are a great team too. did you use to play road hockey because that is really fun too? I have been playing road hockey for a couple of years now and its so much fun. I played player for 2 years then I started playing goalie. When you watch hockey who do you watch, the players of the goalie. I read the article about the ll-year-old boy who dreams to be in the NHL. It’s a pretty amazing article. Thank you again for taking your time and making that comment.
      Have a amazing day!

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